Alex Johns    BSc (Hons), FRSA


Alex is a strategist who designs innovative business models and builds stakeholder delivery partnerships. Alex has a track record of winning major contracts with large clients. In recent years he has won 3 contracts with two major UK international airports, worth over £150m. Previously, Alex created the core model behind the mobility strategy of a global vehicle OEM. Prior to that Alex formed a public, private and community partnership and established a guiding strategy which gave rise to a step change in the way the NHS provides non-urgent patient transport.

Alex transforms policy intentions into successful business models. Alex’s flair for innovative project development has been recognized by Innovate UK with two awards in Future Cities and Integrated Transport competitions.

Alex has worked in the Public, Private and Community sectors in multiple countries and sectors. This gives Alex the ability to be the “translator” in the room when new partnerships are forming and building.